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March 14, 2024,

(inloop 19.00 uur)

On Thursday, March 14, the day Albert Einstein was born, Stephen Hawking died and also Pi Day, the Gala of Quantum and Society will take place for the first time in 2024.

When hearing the term quantum, people quickly raise their eyebrows. It is often seen as a complicated matter that is only understandable to a select group. During this festive evening we will take you through the wonderful world of elementary particles, atoms, photons, quarks and quantum bits, and prove

the contrary.



Sprekers goed


Constantijn of Orange.jpg

Constantine of Orange

Special Envoy for

He leads, the initiative to turn the Netherlands into a European powerhouse for tech companies.

Ronald Hanson.jpg

Ronald Hanson

  • LinkedIn

His research focuses on quantum-entangled states, with the intent to use these in future quantum technologies such as quantum computing and quantum internet.

Experimental physicist @ TU Delft |  scientific director of QuTech

Freeke Heijman.jpg

Freeke Heijman

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Co-founder and director of Ecosystem Development @ Quantum Delta NL

After a job at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the field of space and innovation policy, she is now trying to further strengthen the quantum ecosystem at QDNL. 

Bob Coecke 11.JPG

Bob Coecke

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Chief Scientist at Quantinuum

He is a theoretical physicist and applies diagrammatic logic to quantum issues. In 2020 he traded  Oxford for quantum computing company Quantinuum.

Peter-Paul Verbeek.jpg

Peter-Paul Verbeek

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Professor of Philosophy and Ethics
@ University of Amsterdam

He looks at the relationships between people, society and technology from an ethical point of view. Since 2022, he has also been rector magnificus of the University of Amsterdam.

Deborah Nas_Marcel Krijger.jpg

Deborah Nas

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Innovation expert @ TU Delft

As a tech enthusiast and professor, she finds herself at the intersection of technology, business administration and psychology. She speaks and writes.

Photo: Marcel Krijger

Jaya Baloo.jpg

Jaya Baloo

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Chief Security Officer @ Rapid7

She has been working in the field of information security for 20 years, with a focus on secure network architecture. She is one of the top 100 security influencers worldwide.

Marten Teitsma.jpg

Marten Teitsma

  • LinkedIn

Lecturer in Applied Quantum Computing
@ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

He is involved in the latest developments in research and education surrounding quantum technology, and works on concrete quantum issues for the business community.

230918039 Ans Hekkenberg.jpg

Ans Hekkenberg

  • LinkedIn

As a science journalist, she writes about physics, astronomy and technology, for, among others, New Scientist, KIJK and de Volkskrant. She also speaks on stages, radio and TV.

Physicist @ University of Leiden | Quantum Game Designer

230918039 Ans Hekkenberg.jpg

Ans Hekkenberg

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Science journalist

As a science journalist, she writes about physics, astronomy and technology, for, among others, New Scientist, KIJK and de Volkskrant. She also speaks on stages, radio and TV.

Merlijn Twaalfhoven.jpg

Merlijn Twaalfhoven

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Composer & cultural entrepreneur

As a composer, conductor and cultural entrepreneur, he searches for ways to make the world a more beautiful place; for this he received an UNESCO award.

Julia Cramer.jpg

Julia Cramer

  • LinkedIn
  • X

UD Quantum & Society @ Leiden University | Presenter

As a university lecturer, she focuses on the impact of quantum technology on society, from a science communication perspective.

210914331 Jim Jansen.jpg

Jim Jansen

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Editor-in-chief New Scientist | Presenter

In addition to being editor-in-chief of New Scientist, he is a welcome guest in the media. He writes columns and books.


This event is sold out. Would you like to have your name registered on the waiting list? Send an email to


Image: Wikimedia / Sebastiaan ter Burg



Vredenburgkade 11,

3511 WC Utrecht 

The Gala of Quantum and Society takes place at the Hertz in TivoliVredenburg. This wide, semi-circular hall was designed by Patrick Fransen and the name refers to the unit of the frequency of sound: the hertz. TivoliVredenburg is a unique music venue, right in the center of Utrecht.

a collaboration of:


For more information, please contact Alex Sieval / 06-11380380. If you have any questions for Quantum Delta NL, please contact Julia

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